Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Live for Irony ...

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That's why I'm posting to explain why I'm not posting!

Hey, happy hello's! I hope your holidays were wonderful: filled with laughter, blessed with family, and touched by love. Oh. And presents ... lots of presents. And cookies! Trays and trays of yummy cookies.

I especially wanted to thank all of you who've emailed, written, telephoned, or stalked me to ask after me ... you guys are amazing! I so appreciate all of you ... and the wonderful friendships I've found with you.

And yes, I'm totally fine (objection, speculation!), just super-busy ... and seeking gainful employment. See? I'm practising my legal ^ already! Hopefully I, or the DH, will find any the right position soon. And as much as I enjoy blogging, it had begun to feel like a chore ... a chore that was burning up way too much daylight.

In the meantime, I'm still creating "stuff" for sale on eBay. And you'll be happy to know that I made 60 (yay, me!), Christmas cards and sent out exactly ... none. But, on the bright side, I'm WAY ahead for next year!

And lookie-loo! I made an ugly a super-simple card for you! But don't blame the stamps, 'cuz they're perfect ... and I heart them big lots. Hey, Big Lots ... shopping! Where was I? Oh, I remember: I shopped for them
HERE. You can shop for them there, too!

And I must say that Blogger photo upload appears to have changed while I've been absent ... I can't get my dang photos to be anything but huge! So sorry if this ^ image is too distorted, too large, or too small. Blame Blogger ... I'm gonna.

LOL, and now, for all of you Sheila-Fans ... I've been savin' this one for you:

I went to the Post Office with Sheila to buy stamps for her Christmas cards ... which cards, I might add, she actually managed to mail.

"So, what denomination?" asked the Postal clerk.

"Good grief! Umm, well, ... give me 50 Baptist and 50 Catholic,” she responded.


Hey, thanks for hangin' with me; I'll be back again before you know it!


  • Card Stock: "Kiwi Kiss" and "Pacific Point" by Stampin' Up!
  • Stamps: "Rustic Flowers" by Close to My Heart
  • Ink: Versamark Watermark
  • Accessories: Detail Embossing Powder; Grosgrain Ribbon; Vintage Button
  • Tools: Heat Gun; Foam Dimensionals; Stampin' Up Photo Corner Punch

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote for Me an' I'll Set Ya Free!

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Not really ... I'm jess feelin' the Election Day vibe. Don't even tell me you didn't vote today ...

So, yuppers, it's me ... I'm back ... for today, anyway ... with another paper bag album to show y'all. This is what I do with myself these days:

This ^ is the cover ... duh:

This ^ spread is pages two and three;

This ^ spread is pages four and five;

This ^ spread is pages six and seven:

This ^ spread is pages eight and nine; and,

This ^ spread is pages ten and eleven.

This album is currently up for bid on eBay. There's also more (larger and not-so-distorted), photos on my listing ... if you'd care to check it out, you can clicky HERE ... and a new window will open ... not an old window; a new window.

Since I decided to actually make some money rather than just spend it, I've been horrible about card making ... and bloggin'. I have every intention of returning to full-time blogging and card making when I begin to enjoy the effects of my micro-economic recovery plan, or "M-ERP" for short. Provided that actually happens ...

But I want you to know I miss ALL of you horribly ... and I miss spending hours and hours visiting your blogs and seeing all of your amazin' paper creations. Let's face it: you guys rock!

In other news, Sheila asked me to go with her to a funeral parlor and look at urns.

"Yucko," I answered, "Why?"

"Well, the DH and I want to have all this stuff resolved now so that the kids won't have to worry about it later on down the road," she responded.

So, off we go to Palms West Funeral Home ... to pick out funeral urns. Big fun ... and totally my idea of the perfect day!

"Well, which one do you like?" Sheila asked.

"Ummm ..." I stammered.

"How 'bout this one?"

"Ummmm ..."

"You're no help," she sputtered.

"Ummmmmm ..."

"Never mind," she said, "I'll take the blue one. You know I always look good in blue."

Seriously. No, REALLY. Cross my heart and hope to ... ummmmm ...


Friday, October 31, 2008

15 Minute Project ... Using a Cut & Fold Template

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So, I've been wondering: do illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?

Today's card project was created for no good reason ... 'cept that I wanted to play with this Cut & Fold Template by American Traditional Designs.

I cut my template using a craft knife and designer paper from My Mind's Eye "Bohemia" collection. I mounted the cut "Arrow Round" on more paper from the same collection, attached a scrap of grosgrain ribbon, and mounted the whole shebang on my card base.

I stamped my sentiment, from Stampin' Up!, using Colorbox dark brown fluid chalk ink. Hey, lookie, Mel, I'm using the stamps again!

Easy-peasy and ready to serve in just 15 Minutes!

Thanks so much for spending part of your busy day with me; Y.K.Y.R.!


-Card Stock: Bazzill; Cut Card Stock
-Designer Paper: My Mind's Eye "Bohemia" Collection
-Stamp: Stampin' Up!
-Ink: Colorbox by Clearsnap
-Accessories: Grosgrain Ribbon
-Tools: Arrow Round Template by American Traditional

Monday, October 27, 2008

Is Not Bloggin' the New Black?!?

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Hey, there you are! I hope you're enjoying "Sylvia Plath Day." I know I am ... and I plan on stickin' my head in the oven just as soon as I finish this post! Seriously ...

ONward H-C-Ms:

So, once again I'm posting a paper bag album I have listed on eBay. If you'd like to see the listing, for more pix of this project ... or my kewl auction template, click HERE.

Okay, so obviously, that ^ is the cover ...

And this ^ spread is pages 2 and 3 ...

^ Pages 4 and 5 ...

^Pages 6 and 7 ...

^ Pages 8 and 9, and ...

^ And, finally, pages 10 and 11.

Being that the holidays are upon us, I have hundreds of cards to create ... not to mention gifts and paper bag albums. A girl's gotta have $$ for the holidays, right?!?

Ummm, none of which is going to leave me a lot of time for bloggin'. Sooooo, unfortunately, I'll be posting infrequently at best for awhile. But I see I'm not alone here ... many of you have either emailed me, commented, or posted on your own blogs that, for at least the time being, bloggin' has to take a backseat to other obligations. And no one has to tell me how much time photographing, editing, uploading, posting, and return-comment-blurfin' takes! WoWzA, who knew?!?

Which raises the question: is NOT bloggin' the new craftin' trend?!?

Okay, for all you Sheila-junkies, here's a true ditty:

I stopped by Sheila's this weekend for a sec ... and basically watched her run up and down stairs, out to the garage, and back and forth to her laundry room.

"Is this a bad time, Kiddo?" I asked.

"Oh, no, just hang for a few minutes while I run this load of laundry upstairs."

About halfway up the stairs, her phone rang.

So, here comes Sheila runnin' back down the stairs to answer the phone.

The man on the other end of phone said to her, "Hi, Mrs. L.; we're calling people in your area today and would like to know if you would help us by participating in a brief survey."

Without missing a beat, she told them, "Sorry. I'm BUSY, survey your own briefs!"

Seriously ... outta the mouths of blondes! I'm definitely gonna be using that one too ...


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trick or Treat?

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Hey, there you are! I hope you're enjoying "National Nut Day" ... I know I am. But when you're truly nuts, everyday is a holiday ... heck, some days I even make popcorn and blow up balloons!

ONward H-C-M's:

Today's card project was created to match the paper bag album I'm currently selling on eBay. If you'd like to see the listing, you can click HERE. If you'd like to check out the post in which I've blogged about this spooooookkkkky album, then click THERE. If you'd like to celebrate being nuts, click EVERYWHERE!

I promised my eBay buyers that I would reveal on my blog what "treats" I'd put in to each of the three large pockets of the album. And a promise is a promise, soooooo ...

Pocket #1: Contains this ^ Halloween card. It can be used as a gift card if you intend to give the album away ... you know, being that Halloween IS one of the major gift-giving holidays of the year and all! Or you can mail it off to your mother-in-law ... or simply leave it in the pocket and forget you ever laid eyes on it. Embellished A2 envelope is included. Retail value: $47,000.00.

Pocket #2: Contains a set of 10 brand-spankin'-new acrylic stamps, "Boo to You." Which is the title of the album too ... see how it all falls perfectly into place?!? The set contains the cutest l'il Halloween stamps including ghosts, spiders, bats, jack-o-lanterns and all manner of other spooky Halloween icons. All of which are tucked into a hand-stamped and embellished 'treat' bag. Retail value: $4.99 ... five years ago. If you can find it, it's prolly lots more than that now.

Pocket #3: Contains a r-e-a-l-l-y spooky-kewl post card from Boston's Granary Burying Ground. Umm, the photo on this post card is prolly the oldest and most frightening grave stone I've ever laid eyes upon. I kid you not.

Text on the back of the postcard reads, "Here Lyes the Body of Elizabeth Cushion, Died November 24, 1689." Photographed by Patrick Ruth. Retail value: 12.5 gr., Eye of Newt.

Okay, I feel better now that I've upheld my end of the bargain.

Soooo, I still have house guests so it's pretty crazy around here ... oh yay, w-a-y more than normal-crazy. I'll post just again as soon as I can. I apologize to all of you who've been commenting here ... I just don't have the ... oh, say, 5 hours it takes to return-comment-blurf right now. I'll make it up to y'all by double-entry commenting on all of your blogs ASAP, okeedokee?!?

And for all of you who've been e'ing me asking what Sheila's up to, I offer you this:

We had plans to go to the Green Market yesterday but when I went out to my car to go pick her up, I noticed that ... um, my interior car lights were on. So, of course my battery was dead.

I went back inside and called her to tell her I couldn't pick her up.

"No problem," she said, "I'll be right over to pick you up."

When she arrived in her huge Hummer, I asked if she'd brought her jumper cables so we could charge up my battery. She hadn't. No biggie, but then I made the mistake of suggesting that she push my car with her tank car.

I think my fatal error was telling her that because my Camaro had an automatic transmission, it needed to be pushed at a speed of at least 30 mph for it to start.

She said, "Okeedokee!" and hopped into her tank car ... and drove off. As I sat there, I wondered what the heck she was doing. Oh yeah; I found out soon enough.

After a minute or two had passed, I saw her in my rear-view mirror ... coming at me at about 40 mph. As I quickly jumped out of my car, I realized that I shoulda been just a teensy bit clearer with my directions. Yeah, don't ask, it's a mess. A "total" mess ... but no one got hurt.

I tells ya, it's always somethin' ...


  • Card Stock: Bazzill Basics
  • Designer Paper: Unknown
  • Ink: Creamy Brown Fluid Chalk Ink
  • Accessories: Vintage Anagram Letter Tiles; Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Tools: MS Spider Punch

Monday, October 20, 2008

Something New, Part Two ...

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Hey! Is it just me, but have you noticed that poetry is my strong suit? Nah, me neither ...

So happy Monday all and one! Did you know? Today is "National Brandied Fruit Day" ... kinda like a liquid fruit-cake ... with a built-in buzz. Ipso facto, MUCH better than a fruit-cake!

Since I don't have a card project to show you, I thought I'd show you this paper bag album I created. This ^ is, obviously, the cover ...

This ^ spread is pages 2 and 3 ...

This ^ spread is pages 4 and 5 ...

This ^ spread is pages 6 and 7 ...

This ^ spread is pages 8 and 9, and ...

This ^ spread is pages 10 and 11.

There's lots more to see (like the back cover and the album inserts), of this album on eBay. If you'd like to take a look, clicky HERE. And if you'd like to bid on it, I promise not to try to stop you!

I have out-of-state house guests this week, so I'm not sure how much creatin' or postin' I'll be getting to, but I'll do my best, okeedokee?!? Plus I promised on my eBay listing that I'd reveal the super-secret-surprise "treat" contents of the three paper bag album pockets on my blog. 'Course, NOT doing so could constitute the "trick" part of "trick or treat," but ...

Soooooooooo, this weekend the DH and I drove up to St. Lucie County to visit some friends we haven't seen in for-evuh.

As we were about to leave Palm Beach County, we saw a large sign that read, "LAST CHANCE FOR $3.25 GAS!!"

We still had more than a quarter of a tank left, but figured we'd take advantage of this opportunity to fill-up the tank.

As the DH was getting his change from the attendant, he asked, "So, how much IS gas in St. Lucie County?"

The attendant replied, "$3.10 ..."



Friday, October 17, 2008

Yay! It's "Gaudy Day" ... Do I Win?!?

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Wooohooo, it's "Gaudy Day!!!" This ^ card is my official entry ... prolly could be gaudier, but it's a damn fine start, wouldn't you say?

ONward H-C-M~s:

Today's card project was created for Allison's "Suggestive Sunday" blog challenge. This week, Allison's challenge required the creative use of punches ... or something like that. I read punches and kinda zoned out from that point forward.

My pine cones (yup, that's what they're supposed to be), were created with a pear punch ... and fern and pine bough punches. 'Course I haven't used the fern and pine bough punches in a particularly creative manner ... I just clipped into the fern fronds to try to create the appearance of needles. The only truly "creative" punch-use was creating the cones using the pear punch. But you can't have pine cones without branches and whatnot, sooooo ... there they are.

I stamped my snowflakes on my card base using glue then poured sprinkled Crystal Snow over ... umm, everything. ALL of the snowflakes are glittery but the ones on the left-hand side of the card look bare. IRL, they're sooooooo stinkin' glittery, I almost can't stand it. Just a light thing, KWIM? But those pine cones? They're buried in Crystal Snow! But first, I sprayed them with Artists Spray Mount Adhesive.

TIP: Man, don't ever spray Artists Spray Mount Adhesive anywhere indoors! You know those non-stick craft sheets? Yeah, it's not non-stick when it comes to Spray Mount Adhesive ... honestly boy and girls, it took me longer to clean up the spray adhesive mess than to make the pine cones, make the card, photograph the card, or edit my photos ... and it's still stuck to my hands. {Sigh} Good times!

The sentiment, maker unknown, was stamped in Versamark, heat embossed with "Moonlit Forest Glitz" powder, and mounted on dimensionals. And that's all folks!

So, yesterday Sheila came over all agitated and asked me to go to Publix-Where-Shopping-Is-A-Pleasure with her.

"What's wrong, Kiddo?" I asked.

She thrust a box of animal crackers at me and said, "See this? I bought this box of animal crackers and look! It says right on it, "Do not eat if seal is broken."

She reached into the box and sure enough ...



  • Card Stock: Bazzill Basics
  • Designer Paper: None (AGAIN! Why do I hoard this stuff? Why?!?)
  • Stamps: Snowflakes from "Snowflake Serenade" by Papertrey Ink; Sentiment, Unknown
  • Ink: Versamark; "Creamy Brown" Fluid Chalk Ink by Clearsnap
  • Accessories: "Crystal Snow" by Stampendous!; "Moonlit Forest Glitz" EP by Comotion
  • Tools: Die-Cut Machine; Spellbinder's Die; Pear Craft Punch by Punch Bunch; Pine Bough Craft Punch by McGill; Large Fern Craft Punch by Punch Bunch; Golden Heavy Gel Medium; "Palette" Glue Stamp Pad by Stewart Superior; Black Dimensionals; The Ultimate Craft Glue by Api; Artists Spray Mount Adhesive by 3M

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can't Help it I'm Fall-Fall-Fallin' ...

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Hey, there you are! And not a minute too soon 'cuz it's "Dictionary Day" and I wanted you to read my post and try to find all the misspelled words. Can you bare it?!?

ONward H-C-M:

Today's card project was created for no good reason using one of my most favorite stamp sets. So, if you've seen it used before here, you're now officially excused. But go straight home.

I loaded my stamp with Versamark, then tapped on dye ink, and stamped my fall images. I sprinkled on clear embossing powder and heat set with my gun ... hey, did I ever tell you I won a quick-draw contest? Prolly not ... 'cuz I didn't.

Using Versamark, I randomly stamped my card stock with this cute l'il leaf image, tied on some natural jute twine, made a jute twine bow, and finis!

So, last night, I popped in for a quick visit with Sheila.

Her DH was sitting in 'his' chair reading The Palm Beach Post.

He turned to Sheila and said, "You know, honey, I think there might be some real merit to what this article says: that the intelligence of a father often proves a stumbling block to the son."

"Well, thank heaven," Sheila responded, "at least our son has nothing standing in his way."



  • Card Stock: Papertrey Ink
  • Designer Paper: NONE (Shocking!)
  • Stamps: "Fall" Stamp from "The Seasons" Collection by Hero Arts; Small Leaf by Stampin' Up!
  • Ink: Versamark; "Spiced Marmalade" Distress Ink by Ranger; "Autumn Terracotta" Dye Ink by Close to My Heart
  • Accessories: Natural Jute Twine
  • Tools: Heat Gun; Clear Embossing Powder; Dimensionals

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time for Y.K.Y.R.'s Halloween "Rock the Cover" Challenge!

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Hey, there you are! So, today is, among other things, "White Cane Safety Day." I'd like to go on the record right now and state firmly and emphatically that keeping white canes safe is a top priority of mine. Wait. No. That's not right. It's keepin' white CANDY canes safe that's a top priority of mine ...

ONward Hoarding-Card-Makers:

Being that it's the 15th of the month, it's also time to post up another Y.ou K.now Y.ou R.ock challenge! This time around, we're asking that you create a card inspired by an album/CD cover of your favorite Halloween-ish musical group. I chose The Smashing Pumpkins' self-titled CD:

And here's my take:

I stamped my images, two from the "Crow About" Collection by Green Pepper Press, and the bare tree by Victorine Originals, twice ... once on my card stock base and once using Versamark on matching card stock.

I heat embossed my images with "Ultra Deep Snow Fall" embossing powder, cut out the images, trimming closely, then used a million slivers of dimensionals to pop them up over the original image.

TIP: Always save the ... well, 'holes' left when you finish a packie of dimensionals. Use these leftovers to create itty-bitty dimensionals for use on smallish projects.

Finally, I added some grosgrain ribbon, and punched out some leaves with a craft punch. Easy-peasy-crows-make-my-tummy-queasy!

If you'd like to participate in this month's Y.ou K.now Y.ou R.ock challenge, and I'd LOVE it if you would, simply create a card inspired by an album/CD cover from one of your favorite spooky groups!

Post a photo of your inspiration CD cover and your finished card on your blog, and leave a comment on Y.K.Y.R.'s October 15th blog post letting us know. We'll do the rest!

If you don't have a blog, well, don't let that stop you! Just let me know and I'll get your photo uploaded to our gallery. If you'd like to post your creation on SCS, please use Keyword YKYRo4. And remember to provide photos of both your card project and the inspiration CD cover.

To get you started, here's a couple of quick suggestions: The Smashing Pumpkins (duh), Cheap Trick, or The Black Crows. The only requirement is that your musical groups' name reflects some aspect of Halloween, KWIM? Consider: costumes, trick or treatin', skeletons, graveyards, black cats, ghosts, witches, spells and potions, and so on.

The best way to track down a CD cover image is by doing an image search on google.com. When you arrive on the site, click on "image search" in the upper tool bar and type in your search query. Easy!

You have until midnight, Friday, November 7th, to post your card; voting will begin a 12:01 AM on Saturday, November 8th. Jewels and I can't wait to see what kind of spooky kewlness you brew up!

Soooooo, coincidentally, and while we're celebrating "White Cane Day" together, I've got to share with you a snippet of a conversation I had with Sheila:

"Say," I asked Sheila, "what would you do if you caught your husband with another woman?"

"Another woman with MY husband?" Sheila asked. "Well, let's see; I'd break her white cane, shoot her guide dog, and call a cab to take her back to the institution she escaped from."

And this is a girl who could do just that ...



  • Card Stock: Bazzill Basics; DCWV
  • Designer Paper: NONE, Shocking, huh?!?
  • Stamps: "Crow About" Collection by Green Pepper Press; Large Bare Tree by Victorine Originals
  • Ink: Versamark Watermark by Tsukineko
  • Accessories: Embossing Powder by Comotion; Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Tools: Heat Gun; Leaf Craft Punch; Dimensionals

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Give Thanks ... Or Cash ... What's Easiest for You?

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Hey, guess what?!? Today is my most favorite day of the whole year ... it's "National Dessert Day!" What's not to like about today?!? Well, yeah, the calories, and the fat, but otherwise ... what?

ONward H-C-M's:

Today's card project was created for my Turkey Day card stash, so if any of you are on my card list, you should leave now. Or close your eyes, one.

I stamped my image on Vintage Cream card stock, and colored it in with Koh-I-Noor pencils blended with Gamsol.

I used my spiral punch to create a mat, then used dies to create my sentiment. I matted the whole shebang to the card base using DP from Daisy D's, punched and pierced a photo corner, and tied on some twill ribbon. Easy-peasy-pumpkin-squeezy!

So, in honor of "National Dessert Day," Sheila and I attended a weight-loss seminar.

Not surprisingly, the group leader was extolling the merits of the program's prepared-food products. She raved about the rich, delicious flavor of the imitation chocolate fudge and the non-dairy pops, assuring us that we could eat them without the least fear of ruining our diets.

Sheila raised her hand, and when the speaker acknowledged her, Sheila volunteered, "And they're even better when you spread peanut butter on them!"

That's my girl!


  • Card Stock: Bazzill Basics; Papertrey Ink
  • Designer Paper: "Gypsy Harvest" Collection by Daisy D's
  • Stamp: #H140 by Great Impressions
  • Ink: "Timber Brown" Staz-On by Tsukineko
  • Color Medium: Koh-I-Noor Woodless Colour Pencils
  • Accessories: Twill Ribbon
  • Tools: Die-Cut Machine and "Olivia" Alphabet Die Set by Provo Craft; Photo Corner Punch by Stampin' Up!; Spiral Punch by Stampin' Up; Mat Pack by Stampin' Up!; Paper Piercing Tool by Making Memories; Dimensionals; Scrap Fusion PA by Ivy Hollow; Gamsol by Gamblin; Paper Stump by Dick Blick

PS: Just a few hours left to vote in Y.ou K.now Y.ou R.ock's "Background Muzak" challenge. Hurry over and vote ... someones whole future depends on *it!

*I kid ...

Monday, October 13, 2008

And Now, Something Different for Your Viewing {DiS}Pleasure:

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Hey, there you are! And best wishes for a glorious "National Peanut Day!" Now, I could say, "is that a peanut, or are you just glad to see me," but I've decided to take the high road today. Just don't get used to it ...

ONward H-C-M's:

So today, just to shake things up, I thought I'd share something different with you. Before I started bloggin', I used to create these vintage-inspired paper bag albums on a pretty regular basis. Once made, I'd fill 'em with vintage ephemera and list them on eBay. And, apparently, I still do as this album is listed on eBay, too! If you'd like to see it on eBay, click HERE. Or, you can stay right here and see most of it!

As always, you can clicky on the photos to see a larger image.

This spread ^ is pages two and three of the album;

This spread ^ is pages four and five;

This spread ^ is pages six and seven;

This spread ^ is pages eight and nine;

And this spread ^ is pages ten and eleven!

Soooooooo, this past Saturday Sheila asked me to help her take her litter of golden-retriever puppies to the veterinary clinic for inoculations and worming.

As the look-alike pups squirmed over and under one another in their box, I wondered how the vet would be able to tell the treated pups from the rest. As soon as the Doctor turned on the water faucet and wet his fingers, I knew that he intended to moisten each pup's head when he had finished.

After the last pup was treated, Sheila leaned towards me and whispered, "Gosh, I never realized they had to be baptized!"


Hey, anyone want an adorable golden-retriever puppy? They've got all their shots, are wormed, and baptised!


PS: Only a few hours ... alright, I lied, more than a few hours ... left to vote for your favorite card on Y.ou K.now Y.ou R.ock's "Background Muzak" challenge. G'on over and show some love to some of our fellow stampers ... you'll be glad you *did!

*I think.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

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Geez, just when I was gettin' used to yesterday, along comes today! And just when you were gettin' used to yesterday's card, along comes today's!

ONward H-C-M's:

Today's card was created for Allison's "Suggestive Sunday" blog challenge. This week, Allison challenged us (you to Sistah Sledge), to create a paper project using buttons. Never saw that comin', didcha?

I stamped my focal image on white card stock using Distress ink, matted it, and mounted the whole shebang on a torn-edge piece of Kiwi Kiss card stock. I stamped the kitty, then punched it in the head. Hah! Just seein' if you're payin' attention! I punched the stamped kitty out using a round file tab punch from SU.

I tied some grosgrain ribbon around the piece, adhered six vintage buttons, tied some Kiwi floss to my knot and finis! Hey, don't my buttons look just like l'il tires?

So, yesterday Sheila asked me if I'd like to run to Barnes & Noble with her and her son, Reid, the p-r-o-b-l-e-m child I told you about earlier this week.

Once there, Reid bolted and we started browsing the bestsellers. Several minutes went by and there was no sight of the p-r-o-b-l-e-m child.

"Umm, Sheila, where's Reid? Do you think we should go look for him?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess. Reid!" she called out. Then louder, "Reid!"

Just as we spotted her son in the next aisle, we bumped into a B & N employee.

"Pardon me, ma'am," he said, "but most folks come here because they already like to read. No sense wasting your time trying to convince them."

Seriously. No. REALLY, seriously. I mean it this time.


  • Card Stock: "Raven" by Bazzill Basics; Stampers Select by Papertrey Ink; "Kiwi Kiss" by Stampin' Up!
  • Designer Paper: NONE ... again
  • Stamps: "Hocus Pocus" Collection by Close to My Heart; "Party Punch" by Stampin' Up!
  • Ink: "Spiced Marmalade" Distress Ink by Ranger; "Black Soot" Distress Ink by Ranger
  • Accessories: Grosgrain Ribbon; Vintage Buttons, Personal Collection; Embroidery Floss by DMC
  • Tools: Round File Tab Punch by Stampin' Up!; The Ultimate Craft Glue by Api; Scrap Fusion PA by Ivy Hollow; Mini Glue Dots

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Make Like a Tree ... and Leave

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Hey, there you are! So tell me, how are you plannin' on spending "Moldy Cheese Day?" I'm gonna invite some friends over to help me celebrate ... Lord knows I've got enough moldy cheese to go around. And dear, sweet Sheila volunteered to bring some rotten old wine ... woohoo, sounds like another rip roarin' good time!

ONward Hoarding-Card-Makers:

Today's leafy card project was created using a bucketful of Versamark, a truck-load of gold embossing powder, a tired leaf stamp from Rubber Stampede, and an over-used sentiment from Close to My Heart.

Pretty self-explanatory, no? Check the supply list, below, for info on the products I used, okeedokee?!?

ONE TEENY-TINY TIP: Use an old ruler to keep your lines straight and pen steady while edging with Leafing Pens.

Because Thanksgiving is right around the corner and in an effort to better understand American Indians and their culture, I did some research on the Internet and thought I'd share my findings with you ... 'cuz I {heart} ALL of you Big Lots! Oh, goodie, shopping!! No. Wait. Ignore that last bit.

Okay, it seems like a long time ago in America, there were basically three Indian tribes: the Apache, the Cherokee, and the Fa~Kari.

According to my research, the Cherokee Indians spent some time traveling looking for the ideal place to settle. They ultimately chose a lush valley and named themselves 'Cherokee', which meant "valley" in their tongue.

Similarly, the Apache tribe searched for a place to settle and after some time chose a hilltop, calling themselves "Apache', which meant "hill" in their language.

In the same fashion, the Fa~Kari tribe searched for a place to settle and finally stopped on top of a mountain. Indian legend has it that they looked at each other and said: "Where the Fa~Kari?"

Who knew?!?


  • Card Stock: Bazzill Basics; Papertrey Ink
  • Stamps: Sentiment by Close to My Heart; Leaf by Rubber Stampede
  • Ink: Versamark Watermark
  • Accessories: Gold Detail Embossing Powder; Gold Eyelets; Gold Metallic Fiber by DMC; Krylon Gold Leaf Pen
  • Tools: Die-Cut Machine; Spellbinder's Dies; Heat Gun; Crop-A-Dile; Dimensionals; Scrap Fusion PA