Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Live for Irony ...

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That's why I'm posting to explain why I'm not posting!

Hey, happy hello's! I hope your holidays were wonderful: filled with laughter, blessed with family, and touched by love. Oh. And presents ... lots of presents. And cookies! Trays and trays of yummy cookies.

I especially wanted to thank all of you who've emailed, written, telephoned, or stalked me to ask after me ... you guys are amazing! I so appreciate all of you ... and the wonderful friendships I've found with you.

And yes, I'm totally fine (objection, speculation!), just super-busy ... and seeking gainful employment. See? I'm practising my legal ^ already! Hopefully I, or the DH, will find any the right position soon. And as much as I enjoy blogging, it had begun to feel like a chore ... a chore that was burning up way too much daylight.

In the meantime, I'm still creating "stuff" for sale on eBay. And you'll be happy to know that I made 60 (yay, me!), Christmas cards and sent out exactly ... none. But, on the bright side, I'm WAY ahead for next year!

And lookie-loo! I made an ugly a super-simple card for you! But don't blame the stamps, 'cuz they're perfect ... and I heart them big lots. Hey, Big Lots ... shopping! Where was I? Oh, I remember: I shopped for them
HERE. You can shop for them there, too!

And I must say that Blogger photo upload appears to have changed while I've been absent ... I can't get my dang photos to be anything but huge! So sorry if this ^ image is too distorted, too large, or too small. Blame Blogger ... I'm gonna.

LOL, and now, for all of you Sheila-Fans ... I've been savin' this one for you:

I went to the Post Office with Sheila to buy stamps for her Christmas cards ... which cards, I might add, she actually managed to mail.

"So, what denomination?" asked the Postal clerk.

"Good grief! Umm, well, ... give me 50 Baptist and 50 Catholic,” she responded.


Hey, thanks for hangin' with me; I'll be back again before you know it!


  • Card Stock: "Kiwi Kiss" and "Pacific Point" by Stampin' Up!
  • Stamps: "Rustic Flowers" by Close to My Heart
  • Ink: Versamark Watermark
  • Accessories: Detail Embossing Powder; Grosgrain Ribbon; Vintage Button
  • Tools: Heat Gun; Foam Dimensionals; Stampin' Up Photo Corner Punch


Shirley said...

Well, I almost dropped my teeth, and that's kind of hard, cuz they are still mine, when I saw your post! Thank you for that. I totally understand Sheila! and oh, I love your card! I am glad you took the break, now get your whatever in gear and only post when you feel the need! How you doing Deb? You are probably rich from your sales on EBay and .......

The Rubber Maid said...

Wowzer...you're back and it's about time I might say. I was worried about you and am so glad you have risen up to the challenge of the blog once more. Oh happy days . Missed you, Pat

Diane said...

I'm so glad you're doing fine and you can still make us laugh!!!
I missed ya!!! Lovely big card,lol!
Welcome back Deb!!!
You crack me up...you're ahead on your xmas cards indeed!!!

Theresa said...

Hi, Deb! So good to see you back! I was thinking to myself that I need a Sheila in my life and then I started wondering if I am the Sheila. Oh well, ignorance is bliss, right? Love your card!

Julie Koerber said...

YIPPPPPPEEEE! You're alive! I was so worried! I am glad you are back and as spunky as evah!!! Glad you enjoyed some down time! Even though I missed you big time -- you still rock! :-)

Annapurna said...

Yeah! I totally agree with all the 5 people that commented ahead of me...

Annapurna said...

Ha ha. Gottcha!
Love the colors and the card layout. Not sure about those stamps you used though. Who makes ugly stamps like that anyway. LOL!


Diane.W. said...

Hey Deb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So good to see you back,missed ya loads x
Your card is gorgeous.
Happy New Year :o)x

Janine said...

Glad you are back Deb... We were missing you!! It is so much fun reading your blog... I get such a chuckle!!!
Happy New Year !!

Tina said...

Glad to see you posting!

Michelle (Lady2cu) said...

You are too funny! I'm proud of you for being so far ahead on NEXT year's Christmas cards! LOL!

And I like this card, even if you think it is too big! :)

Chris said...

WB, i missed reading here...great card!! happy new year.... >"<

Elena said...

Glad to see you, Deb! We missed you and Sheila! And your cards!
Happy New Year!

Heather "Hev" said...

Happy New Year :)

If you pop over to my blog I have something speical for you ok :)

Honour Roll

Hugs Heather

malieta said...

Happy New Year wishes to you and yours Deb!
I'm glad to know that all is well and I hope you will begin blogging on a regular basis again.
You have to know that you were missed and everyone loves "Shelia" *lol*
Take care and thanks for sharing your beautiful card with us.

Erica B. said...

Glad to see you're alive. I know what you mean about blogging seeming to be a chore. Really, during the months when there is nothing to do blogging fills in the gaps but when you don't post for a week and you feel nothing but guilt? Ahhh... I hope your break was good. And good luck with finding enployment.

Ann said...

Hey, you're alive! Good to know. Hope to see you more often... ;)

julie king said...

so glad to see you back on here, deb!!