Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reports of My Death Have Been

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Somewhat Exaggerated ...

So, hello there boys and girls! Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

My keepers have decided to free me from my P.I.L (Portable Iron Lung) for a bit .. monthly maintenance and what not, so I thought I'd post a quick note here to say hello there!

When last we met here, I was happily (and healthily, lol), enjoying a visit with the darlin' DG-K's. Here's a pix for you to 'oooooohhh,' and 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,' and 'aren't they cute?' over:

Anyway, next thing I knew, I was confined to bed (as if I could have stayed awake even if I wanted to), spiking fevers, and coughing my brains out. Literally: what a mess!

So, at the moment, even with all this fancy doctorin' stuff, no one can tell me what's wrong. The best explanation (or my favorite anyway), is this: It's a hybrid bronchial pneumonia. Hybrid, that sounds kewl, right?!?

I'm not sure when I'll post again but I'm so grateful for all the well-wishes and 'hey, there's' I've received from you. And lots o' special thanks to Anne and Jewels ... they know why.

And I'm totally jonesin' for my studio so I expect to be creatin' stuff again soon!!!

Oh. And the "Portable" Iron Lung Machine? Not so portable ...



Annapurna said...

Oh Deb! I thought your guests didn't leave yet and left you alone. So sorry I didn't contact you. Your package is still sitting on my desk and I thought I will email you after I mail it.

So sorry! That hybrid thing really sounds cool. Hopefully you will be better soon and don't have to carry that iron lung anymore.

I guess I better mail that package. Take care.

Flossie's Follies said...

Oh my sorry did not realize you were sick, hope you are better soon.

Jennifer (jennifer-g) said...

OMW! Deb I was just thinking about you the other day and saying "hmm, that's weird she hasn't posted...". Wow, I had no idea you were so sick! Yikes! Sending lots of healing thoughts your way - take care of yourself!

The kiddos are adorable, BTW.

malieta said...

Oh Deb.......I had no idea you were sick!!!! I come by your site daily and I assumed you were on vacation still. I feel so bad to know that all this time you were under the weather!
Please take care and follow your doctors orders. Right now all I want is for you to get well and soon! I love to read your blog and you are a delight to visit:) You are in my prayers and God bless you!
Before I go....I have to tell you how blessed you are to have such beautiful grandkids! Now this is "kewl"

Julie Koerber said...

Get well chickie! I am glad you made it to the computer to let everyone know you're alive!!!! Miss seein' your beautious creations!!

Anne said...

Awwww ((((HUG)))) for you Deb - I kept waiting for a new post but when it wasn't coming I was getting concerned for you but didn't want to look like your cyber stalker by asking "Why aren't you blogging!!" Sorry to hear you've been unwell :o(

And Awwww..... your GK's are absolutely gorgeous, what beautiful children - I bet they keep you on your toes, don't they!!

Anyway, it's great to see you back and hope you're fully recovered and can't wait to see your next project! ;o) xx

Debra said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. I was wondering what was up, I hadn't seen any posts in awhile. Drink lots of water with lemon!

Erica B. said...

That's awful you've been so sick. I've had something like that before - when I was 5 mo pregnant with my first and it's no fun. Sorry about the "iron lung" what a pain.

Your GK's are adorable. I'm not kidding --they're little angels!

Aimee said...

Was wondering where you've been...hope you're feeling better soon!!!

Chris said...

yeah, portable lung sounds so awesome!! i'm totally jealous...i hope you are feeling better soon!! i always love to come here and see your creations, cuz they are always amazing!!!

Michelle said...

Oh Deb....I am so, so very sorry you're sick. AND I'm sorry about the iron lung thing. Please post when you can to let everyone know how you're doing.

I'll be thinking of you, my friend!


Julia Aston said...

Hey Deb! I'm so glad you commented on my blog! I thought you were just still visiting with your grandkids - I'm so SORRY that you are sick!! I hope you are feeling better and stampin' again soon! I'll keep you in my prayers!

many hugs!!!

Steve Ballmer said...

I'm glad to heard that you are not dead, congratulations!