Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boo to You, Too ...

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Happy Stump Day, hampers! Hope you're having a fabulous day!

So, I'm still paper bag album-making and I thought I'd share my latest album with you. This is a "waterfall" album and consists of just two brown paper bags.

The first photo ^ is the cover and a look at the "falls."

This ^ spread is pages two and three;

This ^ spread is pages four and five; and,

This ^ spread is pages six and seven. The end.

If you'd like, you can clicky on the photos for a larger photo.

This album is currently up for auction on eBay. If you're interested in seeing tons more photos and my not-to-be-missed-uber-kewl Halloween auction template, clicky HERE. TIP: When you get to my auction, mouse-over the header photo. And turn your speakers on .... super-spooooooky!

I'd love to see this album go home with one of my bloggin' friends, so if you're interested in purchasing this baby, please contact me directly. And despite what my eBay listing says, I will ship internationally, but you must make purchase arrangements through me. You can shoot me an email by clicking HERE.

I'll be back again soon ... life, the never-ending-case-of-pneumonia-complicated-by-seasonal-allergies-further-complicated-by-a-possible-mold-problem, and maybe a move ... is keepin' me hoppin'. Rhetorically speakin' ...

Thanks so much for spending part of your very busy day with me!



Tina said...

Super spooky and oh so cute!

Sharli said...

LOVE your album Deb! Your Ebay banner is very "kewl" - the spooky sounds are terrific!

I've never bought from Ebay (so I'll have to create an account in order to bid!).


knitwit said...

I cannot get over your creativity sometimes!I simply do not have the talent...or maybe I just don't have the attention span! Amazing!!

Kristina H said...

What a fantastic album! Love it, thanks for sharing :)

Elena said...

Feel better soon, Deb! Miss you and your wonderful projects!
This mini-album is so fun! Love the way how you decorated some pages with the border punch! Love the waterfall idea too! :)

Brenda said...

Oh Deb your album is awesome and very spooky!! What a fun project!

Maria Matter said...

oh Deb, again, your albums blow me away!!!
Gorgeous! I popped over to your ebay site and the kids were lovin' the spooky sounds...jumped when the cat screeched! lol

I sure do hope you're feeling better soon sweetie!! Life happens, huh?
Take care
hugs & blessings to you!

Ann said...

Wowza, this is super fun and spooky! Love it!

lynn said...

this is just so cute!

Chris said...

this freakin rocks! love it!

Rosemary said...

I have to check out your ebay sanctum and see what you have over there. This album is FANTASTIC, I'm loving all the goodies you throw in, tuck in, and include in what is on its own a great deal of Halloween goodness.

Now, I'm very sorry you still are under the weather and what is this about a possible MOVE??????

Sending you cyber hugs and good vibes!