Sunday, April 27, 2008

HELP! I'm Being Held Hostage By Militant Cross-Stitchers!

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Just kidding ... but I am being held hostage by

Here's the thing: I've lost my internet connection and won't have it back until at least Tuesday. This post is being uploaded by my wonderful non-blogging DIL ... who's kind, beautiful, and soooo stinkin' smart! LOL!

If you've e-mailed me, or posted comments, this would be why you haven't heard back from me. I'm soooo sorry ... I will get caught up as quickly as I can!

As far as the Diva Impressions stamps give-away goes, please continue to post comments for the chance to win 'em. As soon as I am able to get on the Internet, I'll have (or, choose the winning comment number. That will be either late Tuesday or Wednesday, okeedokee?!?

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.



malieta said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your internet connection isn't working Deb. I hope that it is up and working soon!

Julie Koerber said...

Hang in there chicka! Better tell Comcast they will have a ton of angry crafters unless they get your darn connection up and running. We may look nice with all our fancy cards --- but, well, let's just say Comcast better get your connection fixed soon! :-)

DrSavy said...

(Nodding sagely, stroking imaginary goatee:
Das ist a clear case of IIBECG (Internet Interruption By Envious Crafting Gnomes)- I've seen it many times in my career . . .

nappy2cu said...

Look, If I don't get my Deb Fix, alot of things can go awry . . .