Thursday, May 22, 2008

15 Minute Project ... And an Award to Pass On!

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Today's "15 Minute" project was made in a quick second using a die-cut from October Afternoon's "County Fair" collection.

When I saw this numbered "Notes" die-cut, I knew it would be just perfect to incorporate in a card project. I stamped all the sentiments (from Papertrey Ink's Limited Edition Anniversary Collection), using dark brown fluid chalk ink, and attached a scalloped edge binder clip.

I punched my card stock using a SU! spiral punch, then wrapped some natural jute thread around to hold my die-cut in place. I added a few eyelets, more jute thread, and a bit of ribbon and I was done! Easy-peasy and ready to serve in just 15 Minutes!

My rockin' bloggin' pal, Julie, sent me this really neat award:

What a kewl graphic, huh?!? Well, it's time for me to pass the torch, err, .png file. Julie passed the award on to six people who rocked her socks, so I'll do the same:

1st: My talented, super-terrific, wonderfully sweet, always-there-for-ya bloggin' buddy ... Annapurna! I'm proud to be your 'imaginary friend,' Anna!

2nd: She knows all, sees all, hears all, does it all; with both hands tied behind her back and two WJ's wrapped around her ankles ... Allison!

3rd: Sweet, smart, hysterically funny, uber-talented, with glitter everywhere and in her hair ... Jennifer!

4th: A new bloggin' buddy who's fun, friendly, and has some SERIOUS talent! And when I say 'serious talent,' I'm being ... umm, serious. Here ya go, Julia!

5th: A lovely woman who, wherever she blurfs, spreads joy, laughter, friendship, and encouragement. Oh. She also possesses the. most. amazing. coloring. skillz. evuh. ... Risa!

6th: You! You never fail to inspire, encourage, and delight me with your unbelievable talent, your warm friendship, your total acceptance, your willingness to share your ideas and your time, your commitment to the art of stamping, and your constant support. Daily, you challenge me to try harder, work smarter, and to pursue my dreams. Thank you ... now take this and get outta here!

Thanks so much for sharing part of your busy day with me.


Card Stock: Cut Card Stock; Designer Paper: October Afternoon; Stamps: Papertrey Ink; Ink: ColorBox; Fiber: 7gypsies; Grosgrain Ribbon: Unknown, Obtained in a Ribbon Share; Binder Clip: Unknown, Found in Mt. Binder Clip; Eyelets: American Crafts; Spiral Punch: Stampin' Up; Adhesive: ATG 714


Annapurna said...

Wowza! I would have never thought of even doing something like this. Looks so cool. Nice touch with the jute fibers. Love it.

And thanks for my award. You ROCK my SOCKS too!

Deb said...

Wow this is gorgeous, no way I could do this in 15 minutes! I love the cord and the way it criss crossed and then comes out at the bottom again!! Love the little clip, the background and the note card, everything!

Allison said...

Awe Deb, you make me blush! Love your card...the slanted image and sentiments here are brilliant. You are a rockstar (but you knew that, right?).

Aimee said...

gorgeous card! I love the paper you used and the clip accent! I love your blog--you DO rock!

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

oooh, thanks Deb! Wow those are some great compliments coming from the talent queen herself!!

Love the sample, the note card is so cute! Perfect for a card and the little tilt is too fun.

Also need you to send me your snail mail - you won piercing templates on my blog!

{sorry I was so lazy I had to combine everything into 1 comment. you know I love ya. more later}

malieta said... are something else girl!!
I love your card and the designer paper is beautiful! I can hardly see because you got me ..misty eyed. Thank you for the award Deb!!
I found your blog by accident and I'm so glad that I stuck around to see who you really are. You are amazing!!
Have a great weekend.

Deb Neerman said...

"I found your blog by accident ..."

That's what they all say!!!


Sheila D said...

15 minutes? way! You never cease to amaze.

Julia Aston said...

Thanks for the award Deb! I missed it on your post - so glad you pointed it out!!!! I'm very honored that you chose me!!!! You rock my socks!!