Tuesday, March 11, 2008

15 Minute Project ... Using Brass Embossing Stencils in the Cuttlebug

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If you're like me, you're always trying new techniques, or tips, or tools, or all of the above.

After several false starts, and a couple of scary moments, I was able to finally get a great impression using my old brass embossing stencils and the Cuttlebug:

Not a bad impression, if I do say so myself! Be sure to click on the photo for a super-sized view.

Here's the stacking recipe:

  1. Spacer plate A;
  2. Cutting plate B;
  3. Brass stencil;
  4. Card Stock
  5. One Spellbinder's tan embossing mat;
  6. Two 1/16" thick rubber gaskets (6" x 7 3/4"); and,
  7. Cutting plate B.

Now, and this is the hard part: actually finding the 1/16" thick rubber gaskets! I found mine after several unsuccessful searches in a Home Depot. Then one day, I unexpectedly stumbled over them on an end cap.

Later, when I went back to buy more, they had gone missing. The helpful hardware man said that his computer showed them being 'somewhere' in their massive inventory, but they couldn't be found. I believe they originally came from the plumbing department. But persevere, they're in there somewhere! You might even search online for 1/16" thick rubber gasket, buying it cut to at least 6" x 6," or purchasing a larger sheet and sharing with your friends and blog pals. You might even try using other flexible 1/16" thick material such as Fun Foam, a dollar store mouse pad, rubber jar openers that political candidates stick in your front door, rubber shelf liners, or pink hair-roller or packaging foam.

The second hardest part is getting the stack through the 'Bug ... on my first attempt, the 'Bug wasn't having any of it ... and I just couldn't bring myself to force the stack through the machine. Fear'll do that to ya!

But, being the ridiculously stubborn fearless gal that I am, not to mention my distaste for 'losing' to inanimate objects, I tried again. I'll be honest: the 'Bug was squealing and hopping around, the sound of plates crunching and crackling hurt my heart, and my nerves were shot ... but I did it anyway. Surprisingly, and much to my relief, it worked like a charm! And in spite of all the noise, no damage to either the machine or my plates.

It's been my experience with my 'Bug that it will get 'used to' accommodating increasingly thicker stacks and, once you get a stack through it, each successive use goes through easier and faster. Meaning that if your 'Bug is newish, you might want to "break it in" for a couple of months or so before attempting the dangerous but impressive triple axle.

From my experience and those of others, it seems that no two 'Bug rollers are set exactly the same, so proceed cautiously. We don't want to kill your 'Bug here! Begin by leaving one of the 1/16" rubber gaskets out of the stack and see how easily it goes through and adjust accordingly. Also try experimenting with card stock, paint sample cards, or chipboard shims in place of one of the rubber gaskets.

While this stacking recipe worked for me, there's no guarantee, either implicit or implied, that it will work for your machine. And I hereby absolve myself of all responsibility if your 'Bug goes belly-up on this chancy maneuver. The last thing I want anyone to do is ruin their Cuttlebug ... so please, PLEASE proceed with care and caution, and DO NOT force anything through the 'Bug that really doesn't want to go. However, if your jonesin' for the new 'Bug that I hear is about to debut, have at it!

If this stacking recipe works for you, I'd love to see what you've embossed! Either post a link in my Comments to your online gallery or blog, or email me and I'll upload your image to my image host.

Ingredients: Textured Card Stock, (Bazzill); DP, (BasicGrey); Scraps of Digital Paper; Brass Stencil, (Plaid); Dimensionals, (Fiskars); Ribbon, (Offray); Velvet Flowers, (Maya Road); Eyelets, (Unknown, Found in Mt. Eyelet)

Tomorrow, I'll show you the beautiful results I got using my Fiskars Texture Plates in the 'Bug.

Thanks for sharing part of your busy day with me!



Anna Jones said...

Nice work!! I tried without the tan mat with my fiskars embossing plates and you can barely see them. I am going to have to try your recipe.

Flossie's Follies said...

This card is great I have been trying all sorts of combos to get the brass stencils to work in the cuttlebug, thanks for the info on my way to Home Depot this weekend.

Catherine said...

Deb, this is gorgeous. Wish i have some brass stencils =)