Thursday, March 13, 2008

Two 15 Minute Projects ... Using Fiskars Texture Plates in the Cuttlebug

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Today's 15 Minute Projects were created with backgrounds texturized using Fiskars Texture plates and the Cuttlebug. This ^ background was created with Fiskars Plate, "Dots."

The embossed dots on the "flower" were created in the "Swiss Dots" Cuttlebug embossing folder using Bazzill card stock.

In the foreground, you can see two additional backgrounds created with Fiskars Plate, "Feathers," and Fiskars Plate, "Raindrops." As always, you can click on the photos for a closer look at the backgrounds.

After a few fits and starts, I came up with this recipe to create these kewl texturized backgrounds:

  1. Spacer Plate A;
  2. Fiskars Texture Plate, face up;
  3. Card Stock, face down;
  4. Two 1/16" thick rubber gaskets (6" x 7 3/4" overall);
  5. One Spellbinder's Tan Embossing Plate; and,
  6. Cutting Plate B.

As I mentioned in my previous post, always use great care when attempting to move large stacks through the Cuttlebug. Please scroll down and refer to my previous post for where to purchase these gaskets, additional tips, and some precautions.

This ^ background was created with Fiskars Plate, "Whimsy," which is shown here in the foreground.

Please note that what works in my old 'Bug, may not work in yours. The rollers in the Cuttlebug are not set exactly the same in each and every machine. You should have no problem passing this stack through your machine, but if your 'Bug is new, you may not have success right off the bat. Try again later when your machine has broken in a bit.

These cards will go in my emergency stash; I'll add more embellishments or stamped sentiments when I'm ready to use them.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with these backgrounds ... and especially happy to know that I'll get lots of use out of all the Fiskars plates I purchased. Even better, no boring, time-consuming rubbing with the texturing tool. The Cuttlebug makes texturing card stock a snap!!

Have fun creating these neat backgrounds with Fiskars Plates and the Cuttlebug. I'd love to see what you make with your Texture Plates and the Cuttlebug!

Thanks so much for sharing part of your busy day with me!



Flossie's Follies said...

Two fantastic cards, love that swiss dot template.

Heather said...

Oh I have some of those Fiskars texture plates- the dot one is my favorite. I had no idea you could use them in the Cuddlebug- that is great news!

Mistylynn said...

Wow, they came out amazing. I have some texture plates. I just need to dig them out! Take care. Great cards.

Ana Baird said...

Wow! They're fabulous!

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for visiting!! I forgot to ask...what is the green part the the ribbon is going it scalloped circles??I just love it.And the Butterfly is sooo cute! I'll be back to visit! Do you order the texture plates, all the ones you have used I have not seen in any our stores. Laurie

Chris said...

Totally loving these cards they are just beautiful.
Love the embossing and those lovely spring colours you used :D

mudmaven said...

Thanks for the instructions on how to use the texture plates. I have some and never use them. Now I definitely will! ~chris

Anna Jones said...

Thanks for the tutorial Deb! Can you send me some of those 1/16" thick rubber gaskets my way or put them up on your ebay site :-) Gotta go to home depot. Later...

Nettie said...

Deb is that a new Fiskar template? I don't have it which I thought I had them all!


Deb Neerman said...

Nettie: I'm not sure, I think it it's a couple of years old. I've had 'em for a long time ....

Thanks for visiting all!

~Hugs, Deb

Joan and Amy said...

Fantastic....I love how you created the "buckle" on the first card. Joan

Catherine said...

oh, i can't believe i missed this one...very cute!

Karen said...

I am so pleased to know that it is possible to use the fiskars in the bug even if I have to get a few more bits to make it happen.
Lovely cards too!
Thanks for sharing.