Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A L'il Gift For You ...

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L'il being the operative word!

So, it's a calendar for you to use on your computer desktop OR you can print it out and tape it to your wall! It looks a lot l'il distorted in this ^ view, but if you click on it, it looks fine ... but remember, I don't know what I'm doing.

The lovely "Miss Mary" used to make these for me and did so for many years. This year, she's moving on to other things and I decided to make my own. Well, once I did that, I naturally thought of YOU! So, I'm sharing it with you ... and your friends too. That's if you/they want it; otherwise, just skip on down to the Sheila story.

Here's how to snag it: click on the image, and then when the new window opens, right-click on the image and choose "save" to your computer. Once it's on your hard drive, find the image then right click on it and chose, "set as desktop background." Ta-dah!

If you have any problems getting this to fit your screen, umm ... well, I'll try to help you but no guarantees. This fits on my computer screen perfectly as is, but if it gets all wonky on yours, I'll prolly have to email you the file.

Now, if someone (cough: Anna), could tell me how to make a .pdf file, I think that would work the best. Hopefully, someone (cough: Anna), will come forward and offer to help me create a .pdf file for February's calendar. Even though I know not everyone (cough: Anna), likes vintage-inspired ...

Yuppers, I'll make another one for you in February! We'll just consider it my personal Valentine to you. And let's face it, the odds of getting me to actually MAIL you a Valentine's Day card is somewhere between slim and none ... and, umm, closer to none, KWIM? I'm card-mailing-challenged ... just like you*.

Here's your Sheila fix for January 6, 2009:

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but poor Sheila has been having trouble getting her neighbor to keep his chickens fenced in. Yup, it's like farm country out here. Wait. Right. It IS farm country out here!

The neighbor kept telling her that the chickens had the right to go anywhere they dang well pleased. Unfortunately, the born-free birds were ruining Sheila's flowerbeds.

So yesterday afternoon, I was hangin' around at Sheila's and noticed that there didn't seem to be any chickens in her flowerbeds. In fact, for the first time in months, the flowers were even beginning to bloom!

"Hey, crazy lady, how did you get your neighbor to keep his destructive wayward chickens in his own yard?"

"Easy," Sheila laughed, "One night I hid a dozen eggs under a bush by my flowerbeds, and the next day I let the old crab** see me gather them. I haven't seen a chicken since."

Okay, not the funniest of Sheila-isms, but even Sheila has a few non-hystericalomigawdfunny days.

*this statement does NOT apply to Allison, Curt, Diane, or Risa.
**In the interest of full-disclosure I must mention that Sheila used a ... different word.


Diane.W. said...

Heehee,luv the chicken story!!!!

Thanx for the calendar :o)x

Annapurna said...

Gosh! Darnit! (Tina Fey's imitation of Sarah Palin)
If only I knew you were going to create calendars, I wouldn't have wasted 60 cents to buy one from Michael's :-)

It is gorgemous. Off to print it out to see what is coming out of that egg on the 1st Jan.

Coughing uncontrollably(you need to buy the adobe commercial version to be able to create pdf files, me thinks). Mel creates them all the time, you should shoot her an email.

Tell Sheila, "Well done!"

Theresa said...

Hehehe! Love it! You are too funny. Sheila is rapidly becoming my hero.

I use those nifty yellow round sponges from Michaels for my sponging. They actually have two different kinds and one is good, the other bad. I'll try to get a pic on my blog in the next day or two. I get asked that question a lot. For most of my sponging I work really dry and make a circular motion. Usually, I pat off the sponge after inking it up, then build it up on the paper very slowly. SU Whisper White (awesome) and Gina's Pure Luxury (best) work great. Georgia Pacific, not sponge worthy. Eek, sorry for the novel.

Jean from jlfstudio said...

Hi Deb,

If it weren't for my gazillion icons I'd now have a lovely desktop background(no adjustments necessary).

Who is the lovely lady on the 19th. Kinda looks like Saint Barbara patron saint of sailors.
And what font did you use for the month year?

Thanks for sharing your multitude of talents.

Elena said...

Hello Deb! Thank you for your beautiful gift to all of us!
Loved your story about Sheila!
I will be happy to visit you with my Prisma colored pencils Deb!

Janine said...

You are hysterical!!! Thanks for the calendar... It is beautiful!!

Carolyn Bounds said...

I am ecstatic that you are back and are once again filling our days with laughter and creativity!!! I must say...I have missed you!!!!


ALLY said...

Cool calendar Stef!
Check out the So Sketchy blog today...

malieta said...

Thanks for the calendar Deb and my Shelia fix!

Tonniece said...

HI THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy New Year (Belated)~^*
thanks so much for the calendar Deb.

I so missed you and all of Shelia"s
Well done I say, that will teach "the old crab". LOL

Shirley said...

Just goes to show Shiela is smarter that we thought!!!