Friday, May 29, 2009

If You See My Mojo, Would You Mind Sendin' it Home?

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'Cuz it took off a couple of days ago and hasn't been seen since! And, since there's nothing worse than 'forcing it' ... I'm not. After all, we do this for fun ... don't we?!?

Okay, if you've been following my blog for awhile, you know I periodically show off pix of my darlin' babies ... meaning my bee-you-tea-full orchids. Oh, and my totally weird banana trees. If you're interested, you can see more FLora + Fauna photos in my blog labels, or search for "flora" in the search box, above on the left.

So, in the spirit of a stamp release party, presenting Miss May:

Miss May is a gorgeous young phalaenopsis orchid and the newest member of my large family of purple orchids. I love Miss May's soft lavender/white coloration ... isn't she purty?!?

My DS and DIL sent this beauty to me from Wisconsin for my birthday ... and let me tell you, she was sooooooooo happy to see that her new home was in the sub-tropics! And since it's monsoon season down here, her happy state should continue until say, November. After that, not so much.

Soooooo, yesterday afternoon I called my friend Barb to leave a message in her voicemail. Instead, I got Barb.

"Hey, what are you doin' home?" I asked.

"Wellllllll," she explained, "w
hen I was driving to work, I took a wrong turn. And then I just decided to keep going."

Hey! Maybe that's what happened to my mojo!

~Stampin' hugs,


LeAnne said...

Nope, your mojo isn't up north here! But what a beauty of an orchid--lucky you, my best flowering plants are weeds! Anyway, I just want to know why, in your profile photo, you are wearing a turtleneck and shirt when you live in PALM BEACH??!!! Is your AC turned too high? Just funnin'!

Tina said...

Oh my, she is a darling! Best of luck in finding your mojo, it's not in Tennessee and I think mine is missing too.

Risa said...

You are too funny Deb!
Sometimes our mojo does a disappearing act on us , but before you know it, it will return with a vengeance!
Thanks for sharing a picture of the beautiful orchids, they are GORGEOUS!

Brenda said...

Nope I haven't seen your mojo here. Good luck finding it. When I lose mine I try casing someone and it almost always reappears. Beautiful orchid.

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

I love your orchid!! I know the feeling of not feeling the mojo. I am in a slump too. Maybe cause I have so much I HAVE TO DO!

Chris said...

gorgeous orchid!! i had no idea you had such green too!!

Randee E said...

Gorgeous flowerrs, and your cards are just as pretty too! Thanks for the sweet comment, made me smile :0)

Elena said...

Miss May is so pretty, Deb! Wow! And she came from WI!
Hope that your Mojo is already is already with you!

Ann said...

Oh, I totally understand the missing mojo. Mine took an extended vaca a couple of weeks ago!

Love your flowers!

Theresa said...

Eek! Sorry about your mojo. Must be hanging out with mine somewhere.

Phalaenopsis are my favorite orchids, not that I ever have any success with them. I'd given up, but then my DD got me one for Mother's Day. It's still blooming nicely and I'll enjoy it while I can, because it'll never bloom again. I don't often envy you your Florida weather, but when it comes to plants, I do!

Shirley said...

Boy do I hear you on the mojo~ It seems like I get nowhere fast. LOLOL And then when I do enjoy what I am doing, I get sidetracked by someone. LOLOLOL or else I would cry! I like what Barb did.