Thursday, October 9, 2008

Make Like a Tree ... and Leave

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Hey, there you are! So tell me, how are you plannin' on spending "Moldy Cheese Day?" I'm gonna invite some friends over to help me celebrate ... Lord knows I've got enough moldy cheese to go around. And dear, sweet Sheila volunteered to bring some rotten old wine ... woohoo, sounds like another rip roarin' good time!

ONward Hoarding-Card-Makers:

Today's leafy card project was created using a bucketful of Versamark, a truck-load of gold embossing powder, a tired leaf stamp from Rubber Stampede, and an over-used sentiment from Close to My Heart.

Pretty self-explanatory, no? Check the supply list, below, for info on the products I used, okeedokee?!?

ONE TEENY-TINY TIP: Use an old ruler to keep your lines straight and pen steady while edging with Leafing Pens.

Because Thanksgiving is right around the corner and in an effort to better understand American Indians and their culture, I did some research on the Internet and thought I'd share my findings with you ... 'cuz I {heart} ALL of you Big Lots! Oh, goodie, shopping!! No. Wait. Ignore that last bit.

Okay, it seems like a long time ago in America, there were basically three Indian tribes: the Apache, the Cherokee, and the Fa~Kari.

According to my research, the Cherokee Indians spent some time traveling looking for the ideal place to settle. They ultimately chose a lush valley and named themselves 'Cherokee', which meant "valley" in their tongue.

Similarly, the Apache tribe searched for a place to settle and after some time chose a hilltop, calling themselves "Apache', which meant "hill" in their language.

In the same fashion, the Fa~Kari tribe searched for a place to settle and finally stopped on top of a mountain. Indian legend has it that they looked at each other and said: "Where the Fa~Kari?"

Who knew?!?


  • Card Stock: Bazzill Basics; Papertrey Ink
  • Stamps: Sentiment by Close to My Heart; Leaf by Rubber Stampede
  • Ink: Versamark Watermark
  • Accessories: Gold Detail Embossing Powder; Gold Eyelets; Gold Metallic Fiber by DMC; Krylon Gold Leaf Pen
  • Tools: Die-Cut Machine; Spellbinder's Dies; Heat Gun; Crop-A-Dile; Dimensionals; Scrap Fusion PA


Joanne (Stamps4sanity) said...

Happy Moldy Cheese Dasy to YOU too! Sounds like you'll be celebrating in a big way! Another beautiful card... You are on such a roll with these fall cards!

Elena said...

Deb, I just love the creativity you are giving to us! To make a masterpiece with one stamp! Love this golden leaves! What a great research you did! It's so funny!

Julia Aston said...

Well - yes - that story of the Fakari tribe is well documented in the history books in my town (!?!) Your embossed leaves are just wonderful on this card- super layout too - you're on a roll with these great fall cards!!

Tina said...

Holy moly, this is incredible.

Diane.W. said...

Hi Deb! I'm late calling today,been out for lunch with my daughter & managed to buy more stamps too,lol!!!
Your card is luvly & your story a lil naughty,lol!!!! ;O)x

Liza said...

This is a lovely card Deb, but everything you create is always fantastic! By the way, you have been tagged, details are on my blog......sorry!!!

Liza x

Tonniece said...

Super duper stunning.

Love you story too. LOL

Deb said...

Love your hilarious title! I think I'll pass on moldy cheese day! YUK!

Your card is very pretty, love it!!

Allison said...

Gorgeous all that gold! I think we must be the Fakari since I am sitting in negative temps here already!

Marlou said...

a really beautiful card Deb :)

Carolyn Bounds said...

All I can say is...WOW!!!! This is GORGEOUS!!! You always do such incredible work! Little pieces of grand art:o) Another autumn masterpiece!


Annapurna said...

I came here to comment on the card, but I like Allison's comment better :-) Okay bye now.

No really, the leaf things you have been creating are gorgemous. See the miracle a pen can do, a mat without a mat. Great job with all the deets!

Kim said...

What a beautiful Fall card!!!!!

Deborah said...

Wonderful fall/thanksgiving card Deb! Thanks for the Indian update!

Paula's ponderings said...

The card is just beautiful, I love Autumnal colours (ok thats the Brit in me coming out...) Fall colors cos they suit my red hair BEEOOTIFULLY. As for the last part, well I am sitting here Papering, Inking, Scissoring and Stamping myself laughing!! I thought the Fekari tribe were a bunch of mini pygmies (although a pygmy by the very word is mini) who got lost in the very tall grass and would jump up and down yelling "we're the fekari" just goes to show...LOL

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

This is stunning. I have GOT to make me an orange card already! I love your pointer for using the ruler with leafing pens.

You crack me up! Can I be in the Fakari tribe? I'm part MicMac. Always makes me think MicMac patty whack (I sang that song WAY too much as a child!) For real though. I really do have MicMac heritage (I'm not makin' that up) though I may have exaggerated about the coupe being staged by my Lilliputian paper populace. (It's more like a peace protest.) :O)heeheehee

Shirley said...

I have to tell you I love your card! It is just so wonderful and Fall!

Sherri said...

Wow! What a beautiful card!

malieta said...

Oh wow....This card is fabulous Deb!
The gold embossing makes for a rich and fabulous card! I love it!!!

Curt in Carmel said...

This has to be one on my favorite cards of yours and the joke is too! Once again you made me laugh right out loud! Thanks for the card and the laugh! Best, Curt