Thursday, February 12, 2009

Celebrate Love ... A Blog Challenge Entry

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So, happy "National Plum Pudding Day!" And what the heck is plum pudding, anyway? Well, if you find out, please let me know too. I certainly don't want to miss out on a Holiday that includes dessert.

ONward Hoarding-Card-Makers:

Today's super-simple card was created for The Cuttlebug Spot's "Celebrate Love" challenge. You can visit the blog, and see all the challenge deets,

To create my background, I used the "LetterPress" technique, inking up the inside of the embossing folder with ink, then running it through the 'Bug with card stock.

I stamped my sentiment with hybrid ink, cut it out with a Nestie, then mounted it to my prepared background.

I added a MS bird punchie and finis! Easy-peasy and ready to serve in just ... oh, let's say 30 minutes!

So, yesterday, Sheila called to tell me her barn was on fire. Why she called me before she called the Fire Department, I'll never know ... but she did.

Once the fire was out, she called the insurance company ... on speaker phone:

"We had that barn insured for fifty thousand, and I want my money."

The agent replied, "Hold on just a minute, Sheila. Insurance doesn't work quite like that. We will ascertain the value of what was insured and provide you with a new barn of comparable worth."

There was a long pause ... then Sheila said, "Then I'd like to cancel the policy on my husband."

I. Kid. You. Not.


  • Card Stock: Bazzill Basics; Stampers Select by Papertrey Ink
  • Stamp: Unknown (Unmounted)
  • Ink: "L'Amore Red" Palette Hybrid by Stewart Superior
  • Tools: Die-Cut Machine by Provo Craft; Large Rectangular Die by Spellbinder's; "Heart Block" Cuttlebug Embossing Folder; Bird Punch by Martha Stewart; Dimensionals


Tina said...

Lovely card, the embossing trick is pretty darn clever. Love it!

Chris said...

too funny!! gotta love the sheila...super cute VD card!! plum pudding cannot be REAL dessert...cuz there is no chocolate word in the we don't need it!!

Elena said...

The card is so pretty! I love this embossing!!!
Poor Sheila's husband... ;)

Nilda said...

Love the card.. awesome job . Thank you for participating in this weeks challenge at The CuttlebugSpot.

Carolyn Bounds said...

Absolute and total gorgeousness!!! Your card may have been easy-peasy, but you couldn't tell it by looking at it. I am always amazed at the beauty you create, and this card is no exception. I wish my brain worked a smidgeon of the way as your's does.

As for Sheila...she is just too much!!!:o)


Samsung CLP-600 toner said...

Ah, plum pudding with no plums! why? because in the 17th century plums were also raising and dry fruit if i am not mistaken.
Well i can tell you its horrible looking, but it tastes alright. Its a steamed pudding, with dried fruits which again, looks horrible..and is served here in england on holidays..

We have some weird tradition here where they bake stuff like charms and thimbles into the pudding and some would bring you good luck, and when we were little my mother would make everyone in the household stir the batter once with a wooden spoon and make a wish. Its a fun tradition and here served as Christmas pudding in some families.

Great stuff!

Risa Malieta W. said...

You are too funny girl!
I'm loving your card and that technique you applied to the folder is so cooooool!!! I love it!!!

Maria Matter said...

You crack me up! You have such a fun blog!
Love how the inking/embossing turned out! A lovely card!
Take care!
Blessings, Maria

Shirley said...

I love the technique you used for your background and the bird is just right on the corner of your cute saying too! It's about time somebody gave the ins. co's thier just deserves!!!