Thursday, September 4, 2008

Collections: I'm Takin' One Up ...

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Happy "Newspaper Carrier Day!"

And Jim, if you're reading this, what say in honor of the day you actually deliver the paper here; you know, at the house of the people who pay you. Please? Maybe just this one time? The other neighbors are gettin' tired of delivering our paper for you. Thanks. Your tip? Oh, yes, here's one: don't breathe under water.

ONward Hoarding-Card-Makers!

While diggin' around in my studio (literally), I came upon a box of vintage glass slides. I knew I had 'em ... my BFF had sent them to me months ago. I just didn't know where I had 'em, lol! Now that I had 'em in my hot l'il hands, I decided it was time to use 'em.

I adhered some some paper leaves to one slide and covered them with a second slide, then sealed the slides together using copper foil tape.

Using watermark ink, I stamped a leaf on textured card stock, then stamped the same image on rust colored textured card stock. Those I heat embossed, then cut them out and popped them up on dimensionals over some of the watermark inked ones.

TIP: When you stamp your image on card stock with watermark ink, apply a duplicate image over the first image using dimensionals. You'll create beautiful depth and shadows. Don't be afraid to experiment with watermark ink, it does w-a-y more than hold embossing powder!

I adhered the prepared slides to the card front using vellum dots ... kinda tricky to get on the glass, but once there, they held fast and are completely invisible. If you haven't already, you need to try vellum glue dots; they work on lots of surfaces, not just vellum.

Finally, I adhered my twill ribbon to the watermarked card stock using copper staples.

Super-simple to create and surprisingly light ... tastes great, less fillin'!

Hey, that reminds me! Last night for a splurge, the DH and I went to our favorite French restaurant for dinner. As we waited for our salads, a scruffy looking guy walked in.

Immediately the maitre d' appeared and we heard him say, "I'm sorry, Sir, but you can't come in here without a tie." The guy grumbled and complained, but left.

Not five minutes later he returned with a pair of jumper cables wrapped around his neck. The maitre d' studied him for a moment and then said reluctantly, "Okay, you can come in, but don't start anything."



  • Card Stock: Bazzill Basic
  • Stamp: Stampin' Up!
  • Ink: Versamark
  • Accessories: Vintage Glass Laboratory Slides; Copper Foil Tape; Paper Leaves; Twill Ribbon; Copper Staples
  • Tools: Heat Gun; "Penny Copper" Embossing Powder; Bone Folder; Dimensionals; Vellum Glue Dots


Paula's ponderings said...

Lol Deb, between you and Mel, you guys crack me up and keep me entertained at work!! I love my blog reader, I live by my blog reader! Who needs to actually make stuff when you can revel and enjoy the amazing creations that appear on your (dusty) screen!! Keep it up!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze

Ana Baird said...

Wow! This card is awesome! Love the colours you have used!

The Rubber Maid said...

Having trouble receiving the paper are you? You are one funny lady but a talented one at that. Love your card and the use of the slides, that copper edging is a great touch but then again if you didn't use it how would it be held together? I used that copper tape for putting together a old brown tone photo of my father, it can make something old look awesome. Pat

nappy@CU said...

EXCELLENT use of your BFF's basement find! Such an inspiration . . . Sigh. Basement Divers (as opposed to Dumpster) around the world salute you!

Tina said...

Absolutely stunning; the colors are so rich and gorgeous!

candy said...

you're so funny!
that card is great! I like how its 3D!


Mel M. M. M. said...

NO way! How much gorgeousness! I would love to spend just one minute in your brain while you create. This is too fab. Gots to get me some of those glass slides. NO wait! I already have me some. Look out! I'm supposed to be going on vacation to Ont. but I am bringing anna and my slides to your house instead. Save a couple of those tornado cocktails for us, k? :o) Hugs(ShakenNotStirred) OXO

Elena said...

Deb, you are awesome!!! I love your blog, love your stories, love your sense of humor, love your cards!!! This card is fantastically amazing! When I saw it, I was:"WOW!!!" Those leaves looks like real!!! Very beautiful card!!! Don't want to annoy you with my WOW's anymore for today but I will just repeat the commercial:"I'm loving you!"

Allison said...

Beautiful Deb!

Michelle said...

Absolutely gorgeous...and I LOVE your color selection!

patty w said...

I was going to say HUH on the slide thing...the leaves didn't look like they were on a slide!

duh, duh, duh...the slide is in the middle...haha..didn't even see it!

I love the card, love the colors of the leaves. Pretty !

ok...going home before * I * start anything :)

Joanne (Stamps4sanity) said...

Happy Newpaper Carrier Day to YOU too! Umm... these colors are awesome together! Gosh, I like your stuff...

Julia Aston said...

Love your leaves and colors! the slide looks wonderful on this! I have these too and need to find them!!

Carolyn Bounds said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!!!

Shirley said...

Very simply stunning as always, Deb! You go girl! Love the joke about the waiter. LOL

Erica B. said...

I can always count on you for some corny jokes and eye candy. I'm totally in love with this creation!

Annapurna said...

This is awesome. Who would have ever thought of putting slides on cards. Love the color combo here. Niiiccce!

Maggie R said...

Hi Deb,
Your cards are beautiful. I am just beginning to make some and boy mine are sure in the amateur pile!!!Thanks for the inspiration.

BTW I am still laughing about the guy in the restaurant wearing the jumper cables!!!!!! tooooo funny

Tonniece said...

Very pretty Deb, and a slide, how great is that.

Oh you so crack me up. Love your wit.

Thanks 4 the smiles, well more like rip roaring laughs.

malieta said...

You are too funny!!!
Another beautiful card and the color combo is fantastic and so are your beautiful leaves!

Lisa said...

Aw this is soooo prettty, I love the colours.