Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is That a Dead Fish Hangin' From My Tree, or is it Just Glad to See Me?

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Hey everyone, welcome to FLora and Fauna Day! And may I be the first, and possibly only, person to wish you a very happy International Banana Festival day! Who knew?!?

Now tell me, doesn't that look just like a dead fish hangin' there? But it's not ... it's a newly hatched banana pod. And, since it is International Banana Festival day, I thought I'd show off my new, kinda-gross-lookin' banana pod!

Sooooooo, ummmmmmm, there ^ it is!

Now for my second FLora and Fauna Day presentation, allow me to introduce you to Wanda! Wanda is a Vanda orchid, which are known for their amazingly long roots ... which I totally forgot to photograph for you. Wanda's roots are white, pretty, and hang down about 3 feet or so.

Kewl roots aside, look closely at Wanda ... doesn't it look she's part flower/part bug?!? Seriously, look at those bugged-out eyes! Or is it just me seein' bugs? Hmm, I'll bet you're thinkin', "Yeah, I'll have whatever she's takin'," aren't you? See, that's one of the things that I love about you!

So, that's the show for today; I'll be back tomorrow with a project for you to CASE.

Thanks for 'swingin' by to admire Wanda and my future bananas!



Diane.W. said...

Wow! They are amazing,you are very lucky to have such beautiful nature in your garden :o)x

Tina said...

Well, I have to say it does look like a dead fish. However, your Wanda is a beauty. I have a black thumb and so wish I could have gorgeous flowers like that.

Theresa said...

It does look like a dead fish! I wish my climate would allow for plants like banana trees and orchids.

Lisa said...

LOL!!! Oh Deb I so love reading your blog, I was howling with laughter.. in fact since joining this bloggin thing I haven't laughed so much in ages!!

Oh and yes I too see the little bug eyes.

Hope all is well with you oh epic comedian!

Lisa said...

LOL!!! Oh Deb I so love reading your blog, I was howling with laughter.. in fact since joining this bloggin thing I haven't laughed so much in ages!!

Oh and yes I too see the little bug eyes.

Hope all is well with you oh epic comedian!

Mel M. M. M. said...

CRAZY! I laughed my ar$e off. You are just way too funny. Does that banana "Pod" mean that you will have bananas? My Nana had a banana plant (for real nana banana) in Newmarket Otario and it got too big for her house so she donated it to a local nursery. Wanda is gorgeous (even if she does totally look like a cute little bug face.) Amazing photos! Bug hugs!!! P.S. have you ever grown your own vanilla beans? I now have a theory that you could grow/make/do anything! P.P.S. My Nana (banana) thanks you for your amazing orchid growing tips.

Allison said...

That banana pod is gross! T enjoyed your pics!

Annapurna said...

hmmmm....The pod looks like a bird stuck its head in a tube and couldn't get out and is hanging there dead.

Wanda on the other hand looks likt it has a snake face.

Do you want what I am on? LOL!

Margaret said...

Great photos, Deb.

BTW, did I hear the prince calling out to Wanda to let down her long roots?!?

Tina said...

In my post scheduled for tomorrow, I have tagged you! have fun!

Elena said...

Wow! Great pictures!The first plant does look like a dead fish! And Wanda is so pretty! She looks like a baby bird with an open beak... yes, that's how I see it.
Deb, do you mind if I would print a copy of this pictures and send it to my mom. My mom's loves plants. She has lots of flowers in her apartments. I think she would like those pictures... Thank you!

Shirley said...

How funny! I am speechless! Poor thing isn't very good looking. Well I learned something today. LOLOL You are right. Who would or could have guessed.

Paula's ponderings said...

yup dead fish deffo springs to mind seeing that and Wanda is the most delightful creature bug eyes and all...yes I see them too and I haven't taken anything...yet!!

Lisa said...

Hi Deb... I have just tagged you check it out ove at my blog.

Carolyn Bounds said...

How hysterical!!! The banana pod does look like a dead fish hangin' there. And, Vanda does look like a plant-bug hybrid...or something out of a sci-fi thriller. Thanks for the much needed laugh! I know I can always count on you for that:o)


malieta said...

I swear the budding banana looks like a fish!!!lol Your pictures are awesome and TFS!!

Erica B. said...

Is that banana pod from the tree that usually has all the babies and no bananas?

Wanda sure is a pretty girl! I do see the buggy features.

Curt in Carmel said...

Love the flora/fauna presentation! Your plants are amazing! Best, Curt

Tonniece said...

LOL, This is the third time I;ve tried to type this, I am laughing so hard there were more mistakes then not (and there still may be a lot)

Gosh i love your sence of humor, great pics of your babies, and your yummy cards.

It is always a treat to visit you Deb.

Have a wonderful day
cyber hugs

Anonymous said...

yaaa gradama deb it does look like dead fish

love kayleigh