Sunday, September 28, 2008

Further Adventures in FLora & Fauna ... Please Hold the Fauna

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Last week, our intrepid hero ... no. Wait. Never mind. Greetings H-C-M's and welcome to another edition of FLora & Fauna Day!

Last week, I posted a photo of my future bananas ... well, guess what? The future is now ... for my banana tree at least. One week ago today, this ^ banana pod looked like
THIS. And I'm sure you noticed that it looked like that in much sunnier weather ... today's pretty gray and gloomy. Anyway, what a difference seven days makes to a banana pod, huh?!?

This humongous pod is gonna give us a LOT of bananas ... it looks like we've got 33 of 'em already, and more than half of the pod hasn't popped yet. There's anywhere from 30 to 60 of the l'il yellow rascals still hidden away in the pod. It's really hard to know for sure just by looking ... up ... 20+ feet. But I DO know this much for sure: 60 bananas are about 53 too many for two people ... one of whom is not a banana-lover.

Of course, everyone down here grows their own bananas, so I don't even have anyone to dump gift them on! If any of you want some all-natural, organically grown, fresh bananas, c'mon down! But hurry; bananas aren't the best keepers, KWIM?

Now for my second FLora and (Hold the) Fauna presentation, allow me to introduce you to Mademoiselle Kitty:

Mme. Kitty is very shy ... and just started to bloom again after two long months of pouting. My orchids can be so temperamental! And it's not like I don't give 'em lots of water and orchid food, 'cuz I don't ... but I DO tell them I love 'em every time I push 'em outta my way. I kid ...

Suddenly, Mme. Kitty is throwing lots of teeny-tiny blossoms ... but she refuses to let me get a good photo of her. She's very shy as I mentioned. Anyway, here ^ she is in all her bright yellow splendor.


For my third and final FLora & (Hold the) Fauna presentation, please allow me to introduce to you the LARGEST. FLORIDA. AVOCADO. EVER!

This is by far the largest homegrown avocado I've ever seen! For that matter, it's also the largest store-bought avocado I've ever seen. If it came from a store ... which it didn't ... but if it did, it would still be the largest store-bought avocado I'd ever seen.

This lovely Green Goddess measures a whopping 8 inches long, (more or less ...), by approximately 6 inches wide. It weighs over 2 pounds ... which is ... ummm ... HUGE ... by FL avocado standards, anyway.

Yup, you're lookin' at about a half gallon of Guacamole! And while I'm generally quite modest, I can tell you without fear of contradiction that I make THE. BEST. GUACAMOLE. EVER! It's a gift ... and yes, a burden ... but definitely true; I cannot tell a lie. About guacamole-making.

So, if you're planning on comin' down for some banana's, be sure to get here pronto for the Guacamole. Si, Senorita?

Well, boys and girls, that's our FLora & (Hold the) Fauna show for today. I'll be back tomorrow with a project for you to CASE ... provided I don't OD on Guacamole.

Thanks for swingin' by to see my FLora ... maybe next time I can alligator wrestle some FL fauna for you to see!



Diane.W. said...

Deb! You are soooo lucky!!! I think Yorkshire to Florida is poss a tidgy bit far for a banana though,lol!!! :o)x

Theresa said...

Oh, man. I took one look at that avocado and thought, "That will make a lot boatload of guacamole. Yum. I LOVE guacamole. I'm thinking a banana recipe book might be a worthy investment for you...

julie king said...

i love this new addition to your blog -- all the flora and fauna!! i love bananas. in fact, i posted about them yesterday! small world, eh?!

Shirley said...

What a wonderful tour of the garden area. That avacado doesn't look like one. LOLOL it looks to me like a giant avocado seed. Ha! Love the orchid of course and the bananna thing. I love them, but that many. I have gotten such an education from you about banannas. You are goingto have to keep us updated on that.

nappy2CU said...

Hmmm. THE best guacamole? Not SOME of the best guacamole?? I happen to make a pretty mean guacamole myself. Girl, this just may call for a Guac Off! Now, who shall our judges be . . .

Paula's ponderings said...

What a delightful start to a gloomy Monday morning! I am so impressed my your green should have your own horticultural TV show. Miss Kitty is just gorgeous and even though Im a banana hater I take my hat off to you lady! And that has to be the biggest (not shop bought) avocado in THE WORLD....EVER! Love guacamole..does it ship well? Be happy to help you not OD on it!

Carolyn Bounds said...

You aren't days does make a huge difference in banana kingdom...doesn't look so much like a dead fish anymore:o)

Mademoiselle Kitty is beautiful...even though she is a bit camera shy. I wish I could grow such pretty things, but my brown thumb and delicate flowers don'r get along so well. Oh well, I will just admire your flora from afar.


Elena said...

Thank for the great pictures! Love the shy Kitty. She is so delicate! Was amazed size of the avocado!!! As for bananas, I love them. I am packing my bags to Florida!!!

wendyp said...

bananas, guacamole and warm weather? I'll be there by dinnertime!

Love the card! That image is great!

Mel M. M. M. said...

Send bananas! LOL. It's okay I have --scratch that-- I AM bananas enough! There is nothing like fresh bananas though. Except maybe your guacamole from the sounds of things. (Though that is a funny lookin' avocado, I have no doubt it tastes fab. Love the flora. That Kitty is a cutie. No wrestling gators though, k? We need your lovely art (and punny jokes) for inspiration! Huuugz!