Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Are you ready to R.ock!?!

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I've been hinting for awhile about a "project" the fabulous Julie and I have been working on. Well, boys and girls, it's time to see who "rocks" in the stamping world! If you love to crank up your tunes while you work on your latest stamp creations - then our new challenge blog might just be playing your song: Y.OU K.NOW Y.OU R.OCK!

Our first challenge calls for you to take the CD that is currently in your player and be inspired in some way, shape, or form, by its cover in creating your card. We're on the Honor System kids, so I must admit that the CD rocking my player is Mandy Moore's "Wild Hope." Here's my inspiration cover:

And here's the paper bag card I created inspired by this cover:
I worked off the filmy, lacy dress, and the cowboy boots ... it was difficult, but I ignored the owl. Aside from the fact that owls are everywhere right now, I wanted to create a card with more of a western feel.

If you want to check out the rest of the deets and take us up on our challenge - check it out HERE.

You can also see Julie's fab card that was inspired by The Black Eyed Peas "Monkey Business" CD and find out what you get if you win!

Remember, we need to see pix of your card AND your inspiration CD cover, okeedokee?!?

Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Tonniece said...

Good morning to you Deb and a great BIG CONGRATS to you and Julie.

Wow lovein the card as usual, Sounds like a fun first challenge.

Happy Tuesday to you

Han said...

Wow what a fab idea and your cards are amazing I love the way you photograph them very professional xx

julie king said...

okay, okay, okay, you've twisted my arm and i'm gonna HAVE to listen to this mandy moore cd. lol!! another beautiful card and i love the idea of using a music cd to inspire a greeting card creation!!

wendyp said...

Your card is gorgeous! Love how you used the cowboy boot idea from the cover.

Loved working on this challenge. Not loving what my kids had in the CD player last however, LOL!

Anne said...

What a FABBBBB challenge!!!! I love it and I've got to rush off to see what I'm listening to now! Your card is Brilliant!!! I love your nasturtiums too, and I recognised that they were nasturtiums long before you told us!! ;o) Right - where's those CD's then?? Oh you are very naughty taking me away from my 'Thank You Teacher' cards I should be doing!!!! LOL!! xxx

Mel M. M. M. said...

Ouuuu! This was worth the wait. I've been listening to ipod library on my computer so no cd in there, but I'll pick the last thing I was listening to (the smiths-louder than bombs) & find album art. How FUN! I love your take on the challenge. The lace look is SO cool & those tabs are makin' me swoon! :0) No doubt that YOU rock!

Allison said...

Gorgeous! Now that this is "live", I will have to do the card I was thinking about (since the CD artwork is displayed right here on my iTunes!).

malieta said...

Wow....Your card totally "Rocks" Deb!!! I love love love the lace and the boots are super cute too:)

The CD in my boom box is one that I made and a mixture of tunes. This is very challenging trying to fit Ozzy Osborne with a fitting theme for a card. This is probably why I scored the wrong mark on my Scor-Pal. I was so into the music (which still sounds good to me) that I wasn't paying attention!!!! lol
Take care and have a great day:)

Healing Expressions said...

Hey My Friend..You amaze me with your gifts of creativity! I haven't forgotten you my dear...life got crazy for us the last two months with my son in and out of the hospital but just peeking to say Hi and catch up on all the amazing work you have done! You are on your way in a major way girlfriend!

julie king said...

me again! i nominated you for an award if you'll stop over to my blog to pick it up!!

Erica B. said...

What a "kewl" idea for a challenge site! Your card definitely looks western -- I would know! Beautiful as usual.

Angelnorth said...

What a great idea for a challenge! Love the card (never heard of the artist *blush*), the lacy layer looks fabulous and I love the weathered copper tones with the dark brown!

Kisa Peters said...

Okay! You've got me! This is the cooolest new blog idea! What fun! I Wanna Rock!

Can't wait to play!

Your card is rockin! Beautiful too!