Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sailing, Sailing, O'er the Bounding Waves ... A Sneak Peek

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Before we get started, I have a quick question: does the remote control go inside the dinner knife or outside the soup spoon? I'm having dinner guests this weekend and I don't want any tragic faux pas, n'cest pas?

Okay, for all you sneaky-peekers, and everyone else I s'pose, this card project reveals our next Y.ou Y.ou R.ock blog challenge theme. Does my card give it away? If you think you know, or just wanna guess, leave a comment on this post. The first commenter with the correct answer will receive absolutely nothing! Big fun, huh!?!

Anyway, August's rockin' challenge theme will be posted tomorrow on the Y.ou Y.ou R.ock blog, or right here ... 'cuz I'm sure it'll come up in conversation I'm having with one of my multiple personalities! I kid ...

ONward. Today's card was created on Bazzill card stock then matted with designer paper from Making Memories. To create my 'waves,' I tore strips of BasicGrey heavy-weight paper, distressing the edges and curling them forward. I stamped my sentiment, from "Healing Expressions Art Stamps", available HERE, using black distress ink.

I cut out my 'sun' with a circle punch, hand-drew and cut-out some pathetic lookin' sea gulls, stuck my rusted tin sailboat between the 'waves' ... and anchor's away!

Finally, I tell you this 'cuz you deserve to know: Sweet and creamy when the weather's steamy ... it's National Cremesicle Day! Go ahead, indulge yourself ... it's practically the law!


Card Stock: Bazzill Basics
Paper: "Ledger Combo," Making Memories; "Polar," BasicGrey; Red Stripe: Unknown
Stamp: Healing Expressions Art Stamps
Ink: "Black Soot" Distress Ink by Ranger Industries; Circle Punch by Punch Bunch
Accessories: Rusted Tin Sailboat by Rusty Tin-Tiques
Tools: Scrap Fusion PA by Ivy Scraps, Copic Marker


Tina said...

Super fantastic! You are too clever!

Annapurna said...

What the heck. Where do you find such things as rusted tin sail boat. My neighbor has a dilapidated bullock cart in the back yard, she wants to get rid of. May be I can find something there :-)

Coming to the point, I love your brilliant card. Everything, seagulls, waves, just gorgeous.

Why is there composition paper in the sky? Is God taking notes, I see, he is learning his alphabet, so he can read our emails. ROFL! I better shut up now, before you hurt me.

Julie Koerber said...

ooOOOoooo! I know what it is--- does that make me the winner of absolutely nothing?!? Another fab creation Deb! I'm raising my Creamsicle to you saying -"cheers!" :-)

Margaret said...

Deb, cute card. And I was wondering if the sailbox was rusty or if my monitor was malfunctioning!! I'll have to look tomorrow to check out the challenge.

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

Oh it's SO cute!! You're such a clever clever girl.

I'm guessing that the theme for the new You know you rock is that the sentiment is the only thing you can stamp (or possibly that the sentiment is the main focus, yes that is 2 guesses, the one outside the parenthesis is my MAIN guess).

Did I do it?? Do I win nothing? hahahahaha.

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

I should read the fine print that the sailboat is METAL. um, duh?

Great theme this month!

Mel M. M. M. said...

Ouuuu! Stunning. I love this: the rolling waves!!! the lined paper (bestill my beating heart!) The abc tabs!!! (Squeeeeeal of delight.) I'm with Anna though where on earth did you get a rusty sailboat? Don't sail in it, and she should maybe avoid doing anything with that bullock cart her neighbor has. We should challenge her to use part of it on a card. If anyone could she could! R'ugs (rusty hugs! harhar)

Mel M. M. M. said...

P.S. Have decided that instead of just marrying cards, I should propose to your whole stash of cardmaking supplies. You are the queen of cool things! I'll be over to play tomorra! And I'm bringin Anna n all the fab blogland Divas (sigggggghug <--hug of wishful thinking!) ;O)